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Stakeholder Workshops

The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) organized six one-day workshops between December 2014 and January 2016 to inform and learn from key stakeholder groups regarding ocean and coastal acidification (OCA). The workshops took place in Walpole, Maine; Barnstable, Massachusetts; Narragansett, Rhode Island; Gloucester, Massachusetts; Antigonish, Nova Scotia; and Shelton, Connecticut. Each workshop had a different mix of stakeholders in attendance, and included approximately 35 to 65 participants.

The workshops involved presentations on OCA from scientists, fishermen, aquaculturists, and others (including NECAN members), along with facilitated conversations among participants. Each included presentations on the science behind OCA, local environmental and economic issues linked to OCA, research and monitoring efforts, and communication and outreach. The participants’ conversations focused on their questions, observations and concerns related to OCA; their ideas on research needs and focus; and their feedback on communication and outreach needs and opportunities.

Download: Final Report
Sections: Executive Summary; Overview and Context; Questions, Observations and Concerns Related to OCA; Research Needs and Focus; Feedback on Communication Needs and Outreach; Final Discussion and Next Steps; List of Scientific Studies Related to OCA Referenced by Workshop Presenters

Download Individual Workshop Reports and Interim Report:

Maine: Workshop Summary December 10, 2014

Massachusetts, Southern: Workshop Summary April 27, 2015

Rhode Island: Workshop Summary June 5, 2015

Massachusetts, North Shore: Workshop Summary June 23, 2015

Interim Report: Workshops 1-4

Canada: Workshop Summary October 6, 2015

Long Island Sound: Workshop Summary January 11, 2016