• Posted on: Fri, 02/16/2024 - 13:08
  • By: jackie
NECAN Monitoring Priorities in the Northeast Workshop Report
This report was written and compiled by Dr. Elizabeth Turner, on behalf of the NECAN Steering Committee

The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) held a workshop November 2-3, 2023 to identify and recommend monitoring priorities for ocean acidification in the NECAN region. Prior to the workshop, NECAN had submitted monitoring needs to the Interagency Working Group on Ocean Acidification. One of the outcomes of the workshop was to prioritize these needs in terms of importance to user groups (Imp), feasibility (Feas), and cost. The table below provides the resulting rankings. The numbers are the rankings for each category (1st = highest ranking, 6th = lowest ranking). In the case of a tie, the lowest number (higher ranking) is used for both entries.

General recommendations for a monitoring plan included the following:

  • Providing technical assistance to monitoring groups, data management and data visualizations
  • Developing maps of monitoring assets that include OA parameters
  • Deploying new sensors (in collaboration with existing monitoring where possible), and
  • Increasing understanding of OA biogeochemistry and impacts to biology to determine what monitoring is required.